Dear CNM Facility Users,

CNM  has moved to a new billing system. Monthly invoices will be sent to users and processed automatically.  Please contact Dr. Raluca Gearba with any questions.

As a member of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), CNM users must create a NSF NNCI profile here.

Thank You,
CNM Staff

Billing and Usage Rules

To avoid issues with billing please remember to logout when you are done using the instrument.

  1. All internal users must have access to a UT Austin 10-digit account number to use the facility.
  2. Monthly invoices will be provided to users and will be processed automatically.  Users should contact CNM staff for instrument time that was unused due to equipment issues or forgetting to logout.  You will not be billed for this time.
  3. Individual instrument logins are capped at a 6 hour maximum with the exception of ovens which are capped to 2 hours.
  4. CNM cleanroom use is charged by the “Cleanroom User Fee” hourly rate.  The time is calculated by the user’s equipment login/logout.  In the case of overlapping instrument usage, only the first login and last logout is used to calculate the total time. There is a minimum one hour cleanroom charge for entering the CNM cleanroom. The total instrument time in a day (12am-12am) is rounded up to the nearest ½ hour. Users are allotted one cleanroom entry per hour, additional entries are charged with an “Additional Entrance” fee.  Users that enter the cleanroom and do not use the login system for instrumentation use need only pay the flat “Cleanroom Use – No Instrument Login” fee. If you are confused about this please see CNM staff.  Current internal UT Austin cleanroom users fees:
    • Cleanroom User Fee:  $30/hr
    • Additional Entry Fee:  $15
    • Cleanroom Use – No Instrument Login: $15
  5. For non-cleanroom instruments:
    • Each usage has a minimum of 1 hour and is rounded up to the nearest ½ hour:  $30/hr
    • Users are charged for their time on each instrument at the instrument’s specified hourly rate
    • Asylum AFM, Agilent AFM and the RHK STM: $26/hr
    • SEM/FIM:  $65/hr
    • Horiba Fruorimeter and Cary UV-VIS: $20/hr
  6. All users must be trained by CNM staff.  Training for another on- or off-campus cleanroom is not sufficient to use the CNM facilties and is a major safety violation.
  7. All chemicals used in the CNM cleanroom  and CNM labs must be approved by CNM staff in advance.
  8. Materials stored in the CNM cleanroom or any CNM labs must be clearly labeled with your name, the name of your supervisor and date or they will be removed and discarded.

External Users

External users must first setup an account before attending any training classes or using the facility.  Contact Dr. Raluca Gearba to create an account.

Corporate and external universities/state entities must pay the separate “Corporate User Rate” or “External University/State Entity Rate”.  Corporate and External users may only pay the “Internal User Rate” if a collaboration exists with a UT Austin PI.  To qualify as a collaborator, the external user must provide the following:

  1. The name of the funding entity.
  2. The sponsor project name, UT account number, and name of the internal PI on the project to demonstrate they are co-PIs.
  3. The scope of work for each sponsored project detailing the usage of the CNM facilities.